LR 4000 Options


TCA-Guard® is a natural applied mineral substance that is added to ALL of our foam products to protect and prevent wood boring insects (i.e. carpenter ants and termites) from damaging your Oasis® sunroom. TCA-Guard® is safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and standard in ALL Oasis® sunrooms.
tca gaurd
Insul-deck™ panels are a strong, easy to assemble, economical, insulated patio enclosure floor. The insulated deck system has exceptional R-values using structural panels composed of EPS foam with TCA-Guard® protection sandwiched between OSB panels. The panels are available in many lengths in 6” or 4” depth and 2’ or 4’ wide panels. The underside can be protected with painted aluminum skin for moisture/vapor resistance.
 insul deck
Insul-Deck™ Panels for insulated
deck flooring with TCA-Guard®
Electrical Raceway Channels
Oasis® vinyl sunrooms also have the option of an electrical raceway system that is an approved product by UL. This product is UL Classified byUnderwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) to NEC, 2002 edition.UL is not affiliated with Joyce Manufacturing Co. and does not endorse the web site.
 electrical raceway
Optional race channels conceal
electric, cable, telephone and
sound system lines.
Korad® is a very durable polymer covering the vinyl wall panels which provide the benefits of scratch free, impact resistant and virtually non-fading protection.
KORAD® insulated wall system with fade and TCA-Gaurd® protection. 
Vinyl Skylights
Maintenance free skylights in matching vinyl are available in fixed or operating styles. Both styles are standard tempered LoĒ² glass.
Vinyl Swing Door
Joyce™ manufactures a strong, yet elegant vinyl swing door standard with bright brass lockset and deadbolt featuring tempered LoĒ³ glass.